Nowruz, Stew with polow

Azerbaijani Minced Beef Qeema قیمه اردبیلی

It is very quick and easy recipe to prepare an authentic Azerbaijani qeema/Keema. In Iran we have variety of qeema قیمه with diced or minced meat along with combination of other ingredients. This Azerbaijani qeema, is dry with no juice and still is so delicious and I am sure it will become a regular dish… Continue reading Azerbaijani Minced Beef Qeema قیمه اردبیلی

Dish, Vegetarains

Spinach and Garlic-Yogurt Rolls

This is such a delicioussssssssssss and good finger food, party nibbles or snack. Star of this recipe is spinach. You can use either fresh or frozen spinach leaves. One of other ingredients for this beautiful dish is barberry which is called ‘ Zereshk  ‘ in Persian language. Zereshk is dried fruit of Barberries. Iran is… Continue reading Spinach and Garlic-Yogurt Rolls

Omelettes/ eggs, Vegetarains

Persian Frittata with Herbs (Kookoo Sabzi)

Kookoo (frittata) is a group of Persian meatless (mostly) and sometimes with meat foods that is mixed with eggs. Kookoo is quit easy and quick to make. Kookoo might be something like frittata or herb patties: a mixture of egg with vegetables. Sabzi means herb in Farsi. In koko sabzi, herbs such as parsley, coriander, chives… Continue reading Persian Frittata with Herbs (Kookoo Sabzi)


Jewelled Rice جواهر پلو- مرصع پلو

First of all may I ask you please please try this dish. You have no idea how much this rice dish is gorgeous. It is simply celebration of fragrance, and color with spices , dried fruits like raisins, barberries ( tiny red berry), nuts such as pistachio and almond and orange peel and carrot. Jewelled… Continue reading Jewelled Rice جواهر پلو- مرصع پلو