Bread, Nations food

My Homemade Olive Bread

I love freshly baked breads, their smell is amazing and because I am an olive lover, I have baked and shared my different kinds of olive breads here in my page  and today I baked other olive bread with crunchy outside and soft inside. Olive is called zeytoon زیتون in Farsi language. Iran is one… Continue reading My Homemade Olive Bread

Bread, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Sheermal Naan Bread نان شیرمال

Sheermal/shirmal bread naan  is a traditional mildly sweet flatbread in Iran. Sheer means milk in Persian language,and because the dough is kneaded with milk instead of water , it’s called sheermal, means a bread made with milk. Sheermal bread is popular in Iran, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Semnan سمنان is located in South of foothills… Continue reading Sheermal Naan Bread نان شیرمال


No Oven Homemade Whole-Wheat Muffins

I know usually English muffins made with white flour but i made my muffins with whole wheat flour. These muffin breads are tasty,  nice, tender and slightly moist and they are NO OVEN baked. Ingredients 350g whole-wheat flour 100g plain flour 5g salt 7g dried yeast 200ml warm milk 150ml warm water Extra flour for… Continue reading No Oven Homemade Whole-Wheat Muffins


Country Bread

In my family we do love any kind of breads and cheeses. Persian bread such as flat breads or Indian breads, French or German breads. All are so beautiful.Today, I baked my country bread, a kind of no kneed bread. This delicious and beautiful bread with crunchy outside and soft inside is pretty easy to… Continue reading Country Bread


Onion Bread نان پیازی

Onion is called piaz پیاز in Farsi language. In Iranian culinary onion is used as an main ingredient in various dishes, for instance in soup سوپ, aash آش, pickles ترشی, stew خورش, dolmeh/dolma دلمه, rice. Onions can be boiled, fried, sauteed, baked or grilled. Onion can be eaten raw or cooked. I remember my mother… Continue reading Onion Bread نان پیازی