Ardebili Noodle Soupاریشته آشی

This noodle soup آش رشته is popular in Ardebil, a beautiful city in NW of Iran. It has a sour/sweet taste due to vinegar and prunes in it. Noodle is called reshteh رشته in Farsi language. One of our most famous and popular soup/aash in Iran is called Aash-e Reshtehآش رشته which is made with… Continue reading Ardebili Noodle Soupاریشته آشی


Ardebili Fruit Soup ( Ash-e Meveh)

This is a traditional and hearty sweet-sour soup (aash آش) with  dried fruits such as prunes, apricots, tasty tiny meatballs, a little bit of spices, apple cider or grape vinegar and sugar. My mother used to make this delicious soup (Aash-e Meveh -آش میوه ) in special occasions. Ingredients ½ cup rice 1/3 cup cooked… Continue reading Ardebili Fruit Soup ( Ash-e Meveh)

Salad/pickles/ jams

Pickled Grapes (Torshi angoor ترشی انگور)

Angoor in Persian language means grape and Torshi means pickle. This is a delicious recipe for pickled grapes. It’s a tangy- sweet supplement to rice – meat dishes and would be great alongside bread and cheese. Or or like what I do, just put out some of them from the jar and eat them by… Continue reading Pickled Grapes (Torshi angoor ترشی انگور)