Dolma, Vegetarains

Stuffed Onions دلمه پیاز

For all dolmeh/dolma دلمه lovers or stuffed dishe lovers, this is an excellent and comfy main meal. Dolmeh/dolma دلمه is a kind of stuffed dish. The word dolma is a Turkish word and it means to fill. Dolmeh is a popular dish in Iran, Arabic countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan and East Europe. In Iran there are… Continue reading Stuffed Onions دلمه پیاز

Sandwich, Vegetarains

Mashed Potato Grilled Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese

Potato, potato, potato. Whatever you make with potatoes are yummy. Taste of mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers is just delicious. You can use any bread you prefer. It is pretty easy and quick to make. Ingredients 2 large potatoes 100 g cheddar cheese , shredded 2 Tbsp pickled jalapeno pepper, chopped Persian… Continue reading Mashed Potato Grilled Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese

Pizza, Vegetarains

Puff Pastry Pizza

This pizza is full of colour and has amazing taste. It's delicious, easy and very versatile recipe. Ingredients Puff pastry dough 5 tbsp tomato paste ½ red or green bell pepper, sliced thinly 3 tbsp green olives, chopped 1 small onion, sliced thinly 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 3 tbsps Raisins 1-2 rosemary stalks, finely… Continue reading Puff Pastry Pizza