Conversation Hearts آب نبات قلبی سخنگو

These heart shaped sweet candies are sold around valentines day with messages like call me, love me, my love, …. I know there are recipes for preparing conversation hearts with making with gelatin, icing sugar, corn syrup and …. but I chose easiest way 🙂 . super easy, adorable and very tasty. Ingredients Edible pens marzipan or fondants in different colours heart shape cutters Method … Continue reading Conversation Hearts آب نبات قلبی سخنگو

Heart Box Cake کیک شکل جعبه شکلات

It’s fun and very easy to prepare such a beautiful cute-sweet edible heart shape box. Ingredients Pink fondant sponge cake chocolate heart shape cookie cutter Method I baked my sponge cake but you can use pre-made sponge cake. Use heart shape cutter and cut out cake, set aside. Sprinkle some flour on the working board. Roll out fondant. Now Cut out heart shape as the lid … Continue reading Heart Box Cake کیک شکل جعبه شکلات

Saltine Chocolate Crackers کراکرهای شکلاتی

These beautiful saltine chocolate   cracker are  crunchy and chocolatey, and NO NEED TO BAKE. All in one package. Ingredients 300 g white/dark chocolate Sugar sprinkles 12 crackers Method Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay the crackers in the tray in one even layer and set it aside. Melt the chocolate and pour it over the cracker and spread it properly. Then scatter … Continue reading Saltine Chocolate Crackers کراکرهای شکلاتی

Rainbow Cake

This gorgeous rainbow cake or cookies tastes awesome. It’s easy to make and could be fabulous treat at the Valentine’s Day with beautiful colours and heart shape.   Ingredients 260g plain flour 250g Baking butter 225g sugar 112ml milk 6 eggs 41ml Vegetable oil 3tsp Baking powder 1tsp Vanilla extract   Method Add sugar, butter, oil and vanilla extract into a bowl. Beat for 4 … Continue reading Rainbow Cake