Eggplant dish (Bademjan dish)

If you are eggplant( aubergine) lover, you know eggplant is delicious in a curry, or stew, on the barbecue , as a fried dish, as a salad or as a jam. This is a mouthwatering eggplant recipe which is a warm vegetable dish. If you are interested in eggplant , I have more recipes , such as: Persian eggplant jam, Persian eggplant stew with chicken, deep … Continue reading Eggplant dish (Bademjan dish)

Persian kebab kubideh with rice (Chelow kebab)

Kebab is an absolute favourite, the most popular and delicious dish in Iran. In Iranian cuisine, there are different types of kebab with ground meat or diced meat and believe me all are super tasty and you will be over the moon when you have kebab for lunch or dinner. Kebab is usually grilled over hot coals or in the oven if you have no … Continue reading Persian kebab kubideh with rice (Chelow kebab)

Stuffed Rose Shaped Bread

Rose shaped bread is very delicious. However preparing of bread, needs spending longer time but result is so good and you will be happy with your baking. This bread not only has a beautiful shape but also has a very tasty filling. If you do not like this filling you can simply add your favourite vegetables, different cheese or even meat (fish, beef, chicken,..).   … Continue reading Stuffed Rose Shaped Bread

Iranian pan kebab ( kebab Tabei )

Hello lovely Ladies and gentlemen. For today I cooked Persian pan kebab that is known as kebab tabei or kebab deegi. These kebab tabei are hearty, simple, delicious meal and easy peasy to make them. So just cook it, serve it, sit and watch your favourite TV program. These kebabs might be served with rice and salad or with Lavash or tortilla bread. Kebab in … Continue reading Iranian pan kebab ( kebab Tabei )

Persian petit meatballs ( Kofteh rizeh Yazdi)

In Iranian cooking ‘ Kofteh’ or ‘ Kofta’ is a kind of meat ball. Kofteh means pounded meat in Persian language. Meat ball or Kofta is made from ground meat such as: mutton, beef, lamb and chicken, along with aromatic fresh or dried herbs, nuts, fruits and eggs. Kofteh is usually shaped into balls and round but sometimes kofteh is in cigar-shape too. Kofteh , … Continue reading Persian petit meatballs ( Kofteh rizeh Yazdi)

Spinach puree with Halloumi cheese

This dish is delicious and very easy to prepare. Ingredients 300 gr spinach leaves 100 gr Halloumi cheese 6-7 cherry tomatoes 1 small chilli 1 tbs grated ginger 1 tbs flour 1/2 tbs cumin 1/2 tbs coriander powder 1/4 tbs turmeric 3 tbs cream Salt Vegetable oil Preparation Wash spinach leaves. Place them into a pot. Add a little bit water and let it to … Continue reading Spinach puree with Halloumi cheese


Brushchetta is one of tastiest starters or snacks 🙂 Ingredients 2 finely diced tomatoes 1 grated clove of garlic Slices of baguette bread 2 Tbsp extra olive oil 1 Tsp balsamic vinegar Few fresh basil leaves, finely chopped Salt and pepper to taste Preparation In a bowl with diced tomatoes add grated garlic, vinegar, oil , mix all ingredient together. Toast slices of bread in … Continue reading Brushchetta