Iranian Loobia Polo (Green Bean Rice With Minced Beef)

Today I am going to introduce Iranian Green bean rice with minced beef لوبیا پلو با گوشت چرخ کرده Green bean is called Loobia /lubia in Farsi language. Green bean rice or lubia polo is a popular and comfy rice dish and is one of my favourites too. It is a rice dish, which is… Continue reading Iranian Loobia Polo (Green Bean Rice With Minced Beef)

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Healthiest Bulgur Kofte

Bulgur kofte کوفته بلغور or bulgur  balls are suitable dish for vegetarians. These lovely bulgur balls or kofte are gorgeous and yummy. It is a quick and hearty dish you can try. Ingredients 2 cups bulgur2 cups boiled water1 cup all purpose flour1 egg1 tbps tomato paste1 tsp cumin powder1 tsp paprikaSalt and pepper to… Continue reading Healthiest Bulgur Kofte

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Eggplant ِDish (خوراک بادمجان)

If you are you an eggplant lover, perhaps this recipe can make you happy. Eggplant or aubergine is called bademjanبادمجان in Farsi and it is one of the popular vegetables in Iranian cuisine for making stew, eggplant rice dishes, omelette, grilled eggplants, frittata, eggplant dip, jam, pickles and salad. The following recipe is a mouth-watering… Continue reading Eggplant ِDish (خوراک بادمجان)

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Spiced Rice Pilaf (Advieh Polow-e Tabrizi)

Spiced rice (advieh pilafادویه پلو ) is a classic dish from beautiful and ancient city of Tabriz تبریز in Iran. Spice is called ‘ Advieh ادویه’ in Farsi language. This is a rice dish made with mixed spices (Iranian advieh rich seasoning). This mixed spices is not crazy hot and spicy that make your tears… Continue reading Spiced Rice Pilaf (Advieh Polow-e Tabrizi)

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Turkish Pide pizza

Pide is delicious Turkish speciality, a kind of Turkish flatbread with a boat shape. Pide dough is very simple and easy to make. . Pide is one of the popular and comfort foods in Turkey. Pide can be made with different variety of toppings such as ground meat, cheese, sausages, eggs, … Ingredients for the… Continue reading Turkish Pide pizza