Apple Cake

Apple cake This is my   apple cake with cinnamon. One of my favourites with very soft texture and apple- cinnamon flavour. Apple cake Ingredients 3 apples, peeled, cored, sliced 125g icing sugar 125g unsalted butter 150g plain flour 1 vanilla pod 2 eggs 1/2tsp baking powder 2tbsp corn flour 2tsp cinnamon powder Method Heat the… Continue reading Apple Cake

cutlet/ pattie, Fish

Tuna Fish Patties

This recipe is combination of tuna fish with potato, fresh tarragon and seasoned with aromatic spices. Freshly chopped tarragon gives very nice flavor to the fish cakes. Tuna fish patties Ingredients 140 g canned tuna fish 1 cooked potato Small bunch of fresh tarragon 1 ½ tbsp corn flour 50 g cooked green peas 1… Continue reading Tuna Fish Patties


Iranian Tomato Stew (Pamador Ghatogh پامادور قاتق )

This is a vegetarian dish, that is called ‘‘pamador ghatogh پامادور قاتق’’ in Persian language. It’s a simple dish, easy to make it, full of flavour and delicious. The recipe of this dish is in danger of being forgotten. Pamador ghatogh is a local dish from Gilan province استان گیلان, a beautiful green land in… Continue reading Iranian Tomato Stew (Pamador Ghatogh پامادور قاتق )