Persian petit meatballs ( Kofteh Rizeh Yazdi)

In Iranian cooking ‘ Kofteh/Kofta کوفته’ is a kind of meat ball. The word kofteh کوفته (kofta) has it’s origin in Farsi language, and it means pounded meat in Persian language. Meat ball or Koftaکوفته is made from ground meat such as: mutton, beef, lamb and chicken, along with fresh aromatic herbs or dried herbs,… Continue reading Persian petit meatballs ( Kofteh Rizeh Yazdi)


Dupiazeh Sibzamini

If you had a busy day and are not in mood to spend long time in the kitchen or do not know what to make, try this recipe. It’s very easy, hearty and extremely palatable dish. Dupiazehدوپیازه literally means ‘2 onions’ in Persian language. This dish is popular in cities such as Shriaz شیراز and… Continue reading Dupiazeh Sibzamini