kookoo/ frittata, Ramadan ( Ramazan), Vegetarains

Green Beans Frittata (Tabrizi Kookoo Loobia Sabz)

Kookoo lobia sabz کوکو لوبیا سبز is a traditional classic dish in Tabriz an ancient city in NW of Iran. This dish is served in especial occasions and for Iftar افطار in month of Ramadan. Tabrizi green beans fritatta is absolutely delicious, full of flavour and colour. Green means Sabz سبز and bean means loobia… Continue reading Green Beans Frittata (Tabrizi Kookoo Loobia Sabz)

Stew with polow, Vegetarains

Baghala Ghatogh(Persian Fava Beans Stew)

Baghala ghatogh باقالا قاتق  is a northern Iranian speciality dish in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces. Traditionally it made with beans, dill, poached eggs and spiced with turmeric. For making this dish needs a type of beans called ‘Pache baghali’ but when you live out of Iran, sometimes it’s difficult to find it, so ‘Fava beans, broad… Continue reading Baghala Ghatogh(Persian Fava Beans Stew)

Omelettes/ eggs

Cheese omelette

This is my cheese omelette. Combination or eggs with orange cheddar cheese. Ingredients 2 eggs 30g orange cheddar cheese, grated Butter Salt and pepper to taste Method Beat the eggs with salt and pepper in a bowl. Melt the butter in a pan. Pour in the eggs and cook for a minute until omelette lightly… Continue reading Cheese omelette

Fish, Nations food, Rice

Japanese Salmon rice with fresh vegetables

You can serve this meal as a main course or side dish. Ingredients 200 g salmon fish, finely cut into small pieces 200 g rice 2 eggs 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 carrot, grated 3 tbsp green peas 2 spring onions, finely chopped Salt and oil   Method Place rice in a rice cooker, add… Continue reading Japanese Salmon rice with fresh vegetables

Desserts, Easter recipes

Chocolate eggs

It’s very easy and lots of fun to make egg chocolates at home with lots of beautiful ideas for different fillings. Ingredients Chocolate egg shells Milk chocolate, chopped White chocolate, chopped candy buttons Dried raspberries, chopped   For filling 1 cup soft cheese ¾ cup cream 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup orange/ apricot jam… Continue reading Chocolate eggs