Drinks and beverages

Hot Turmeric Milk Drink (Golden Milk شیر طلایی )

Turmeric is called Zard chobeh زردچوبه in Farsi language and Sari kuuk ساری کوک in Azerbaijani language. Turmeric is one of most popular spices in Persian cuisine. Turmeric with it’s earthy flavour and beautiful yellow colour, give a gorgeous colour and taste to to any dish, soup and dessert. It has benefits for you. Turmeric is a good source of vitamins. It… Continue reading Hot Turmeric Milk Drink (Golden Milk شیر طلایی )

Drinks and beverages

Lets Make Royal Milk Tea بیایید با هم شیر چای سلطنتی درست کنیم

I do not know about you, but I do enjoy to drink 3-4 times a day cuppa chai/tea. Especially, In a cold, rainy, grey and miserable day, like today, making something like hot chocolate, cuppa chai (tea چای), green tea, spicy ginger tea or coffee and then sit on a cozy and comfort couch and… Continue reading Lets Make Royal Milk Tea بیایید با هم شیر چای سلطنتی درست کنیم

Drinks and beverages

Saffron Tea چای زعفران

Saffron/ Zafaraan زعفران or Zarparaan زرپران is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Saffron is called king of spices and sunshine of spice not only due to it’s gorgeous colour and flavour but also it has lots of benefits for human body. Saffron boosts memory, it is an antidepressant, and good for… Continue reading Saffron Tea چای زعفران

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My Favourite Cooking Accessories

I am often asked by my readers where I buy my kitchen items that I use to display my recipes. Some of these items are difficult to find in High Street shops, so I turn to Amazon and I can usually find things that I need. I will be doing a set of feature articles… Continue reading My Favourite Cooking Accessories

Drinks and beverages

Flowering tea(blooming tea)

Sometime ago I bought flowering tea balls. It was for the first time I experienced this kind of gorgeous tea that blooms in the hot water. They are marvellous. You can call them blooming or flowering tea. Basically,  it is tied green tea leaves and flowers. It is combination of green tea leaves with edible… Continue reading Flowering tea(blooming tea)