Flat Bread نان تافتون

Flat bread in Iran is one of most popular breads. However, nowadays, flat breads are cooked in many countries with different names such as : Tortilla, Chapatis, Taftun, Lavash. Traditionally breads are baked inside the tandoor oven. Tandoor or Tanour or Tanir is a clay made pot for baking and cooking.the heat source or fuel… Continue reading Flat Bread نان تافتون


Pan-Fried Faltbread نان تابه ای

Naan نان is a leavened flat bread which is very important part of cuisines in the Middle East. In Iran, naan is a staple food in Iranian cuisine. We have different types of bread (Naan) which in my previous posts I have shared several recipes for Iranian naan (flatbread). Yesterday I baked these beautiful and… Continue reading Pan-Fried Faltbread نان تابه ای