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Fennel sharbat with cardamom

Sharbat /sherbet is a popular and common sweet and non-alcohol drink in Iran, India, Turkey, Afghnestan and Arab countries. Sharbat is served cold and chilled . In the 12th century a Persian book describes different kinds of sharbats in Iran which made with fruits, flowers and seeds includes: lemon, pomegranate, cherry, mint, fennel seeds, saffron,… Continue reading Fennel sharbat with cardamom

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Peach Cookies شیرینی هلویی

These tempting, pretty peach shape cookies are just beauties and suitable for any occasion, for 4 seasons, and resemble to the real peaches. Ingredients 210g plain flour½ tsp baking powder80g unsalted butter55g plain yogurt2 egg yolkspinch of salt50g white sugar1 tsp vanilla extract Ingredients for filling 1/3 cup Nutella or1/3 peach jam Ingredients for colouring… Continue reading Peach Cookies شیرینی هلویی


Harissa (Wheat Bulgar Porridge From South of Iran)

Hareesa هریسه is a thick and delicious porridge. Basically, this dish is made of boiled ground wheat گندم or barley جو (bulgur بلغور) mixed with spiced meat….Haleem حلیم (Halim) is popular dish in Iran, Arab countries around the Persian Gulf, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Haleem, hareesa, Jareesh, Keskeh or Arizah has different… Continue reading Harissa (Wheat Bulgar Porridge From South of Iran)

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Katmer (Kattama کاتتاما )

Katmer is folded dough, and is a Turkish desserts, that is originally from Gaziantepe. A crunchy pancake that is sooooo yummy and super easy to make it. Basically, Katmer is a thin dough ( filo pastry) packed with crushed pistachio, clotted cream (kaymak), sugar and butter. It might be baked either in the oven or… Continue reading Katmer (Kattama کاتتاما )