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How To Make Meat Patties

Hi my lovely food page readers. This is my latest Persian food podcast on Ayrshire on l ine radio, which is broadcast every Thursday morning at 11.15am (GMT). سلام خدمت همه ی دوستان عزیز و گل دوستان شاید بدونید که من هر پنج شنبه صبح در یک رادیو اسکاتلندی در ساعت 2.30 بعد از… Continue reading How To Make Meat Patties

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Potato Patties, Persian Street Food

Iranian crispy potato patties, which is called Kookoo sibzamini کوکو سیب زمینی in Farsi, is a classic dish. One of the most popular sandwiches in sandwich shops in Iran, is potato patties sandwich or sandwich-e kookoo sibzamini in Ciabatta bread. You can make kookoo sibzamini with freshly boiled potatoes or with leftover mashed potatoes. Ingredients… Continue reading Potato Patties, Persian Street Food