Deep Fried Ice Cream

A sensational dessert that you will never forget the delicious taste of that is a deep fried ice cream. Basically it is ice cream balls covered with bread crumbs or corn flakes and is quickly deep fried and result is a crispy outside and cold ice cream inside. First time when I heard about deep… Continue reading Deep Fried Ice Cream

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Heart Box Cake کیک شکل جعبه شکلات

It’s fun and very easy to prepare such a beautiful cute-sweet edible heart shape box. Ingredients Pink fondant sponge cake chocolate heart shape cookie cutter Method I baked my sponge cake but you can use pre-made sponge cake. Use heart shape cutter and cut out cake, set aside. Sprinkle some flour on the working board. Roll… Continue reading Heart Box Cake کیک شکل جعبه شکلات


Sponge Cake with Nutella Butter Cream

If you are a Nutella lover, this cake is a good choice. This is a simple buttery sponge cake BUT with Nutella butter cream, is a moist, sweet and delicious cake and of course with a cup of tea or coffee would be perfect. Ingredients 125 g self-raising flour 125g sugar 125g butter 2 eggs… Continue reading Sponge Cake with Nutella Butter Cream