Drinks and beverages

Spicy Hot Chocolate شکلات داغ برای زمستون سرد

I had my best hot chocolates in the Wedel café at Warsaw. In cold winters of Warsaw, real hot chocolate is great. This café serves amazing hot chocolate, that is totally deliciousو with different flavours such as: mint, strawberry, ….. Those hot chocolates were tasty, and so thick that your lips stock together, and always… Continue reading Spicy Hot Chocolate شکلات داغ برای زمستون سرد


Persian Spicy Prawn and Rice کته میگو

Geographically Persian Gulf خلیج فارس form southern border of Iran. Therefore, seafood is a significant part of diet of inhabitants of the Iranian provinces that are located around the Persian Gulf. Today I made the Persian Gulf style prawn & rice. Prawn/shrimp is called ‘ meygoo میگو’ in Farsi language. This is an easy recipe… Continue reading Persian Spicy Prawn and Rice کته میگو

Bread, Halloween

Stuffed Spicy Pumpkin Breads

These cute pumpkin breads are soft, moist and simply baked with lovely taste of cinnamon, cardamom and walnuts. Ingredients for dough 200g pumpkin purée 450g plain flour 25g melted butter 25g white sugar 2 eggs 1tsp salt-pep 2tsp dried yeast kit strings Ingredients for filling 2tbsp crushed walnuts or pecans 2tbsp sugar 2tsp cardamom 2tsp… Continue reading Stuffed Spicy Pumpkin Breads