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Ginger Biscuits (Christmas Cookies)

Every year I bake ginger biscuits for family and extra for sharing with friends and neighbours. They are lovely with a cup of tea or coffee. Ingredients 600g plain flour150g self-raising flour100g butter250ml golden syrup250g brown sugar2 eggs1 orange1/2 tbs cinnamon powder1tbsp ginger powder3/4 tsp cloves powder1/2 tsp nutmeg1tsp baking powder Method Add brown sugar,… Continue reading Ginger Biscuits (Christmas Cookies)

Salad/pickles/ jams

Pickled Vegetables

Torshi ترشی /pickle is Mixed vegetables/fruits preserved in vinegar and salt. Torshi Literally means ‘sour’. Torshi is very popular in Iran, Republic Azerbaijan, Turkey and Arabic countries. Specially in Iran you can find wide variety of pickles. Usually house wives like old days during the Autumn پاییز  go to grocery and buy all fresh herbs… Continue reading Pickled Vegetables


Port sausage (Sosis Bandari)

 One of the most delicious and favourite fast foods or street foods in Iran is port sausage. This is a tasty sausage and potato dish from the South of Iran and it can be served as a sandwich too. We have many sandwich shops ساندویچ فروشی in Iran that serve delicious sandwiches. You can get… Continue reading Port sausage (Sosis Bandari)


Spicy Kabab Tabei

Kabab کباب could be   grilled  or simply cooked in a pan. Main ingredient is ground or diced lamb, beef or chicken (or mixture of all) alongside with vegetables. Today i cooked pan fried kebab/ Kabab Tabei کباب تابه ای with minced meat with fried potatoes and tomatoes. Ingredients 270g ground beef/lamb2 medium onion2 large potatoes2… Continue reading Spicy Kabab Tabei