Crunchy Sesame seeds Bar (Konjed Asali)

I love sesame seeds, sesame oil, and for sure crispy sesame seeds bars. It is one of the popular snacks in the Middle East and European countries too. In Iran we have variety of crispy candy which is called sohan asali سوهان عسلی and it is made of different nuts or seeds with sugar and… Continue reading Crunchy Sesame seeds Bar (Konjed Asali)

Desserts, Nations food

Sesame Balls توپک کنجدی

Sesame balls is a kind of fried Chinese pastry desert made from sweet rice flour (a kind of short grain rice is sticky when cooked). Sesame ball is coated either with white or black and white sesame seeds on the outside. Inside the pastry is filled with a filling such as red bean paste, black… Continue reading Sesame Balls توپک کنجدی

Fish, Nations food

My Homemade Sushi Recipeطرز تهیه سوشی در منزل

Well first of all I should confess I dislike seafood. So I had no idea I could eat Sushi or Sashimi. So once I was with Japanese friends in a restaurant, they ordered Sushi, and asked me to try. I said, nooooooooooo, never, ever,, I do not like cooked fish so how can I eat… Continue reading My Homemade Sushi Recipeطرز تهیه سوشی در منزل


Harissa (Wheat Bulgar Porridge From South of Iran)

Hareesa هریسه is a thick and delicious porridge. Basically, this dish is made of boiled ground wheat گندم or barley جو (bulgur بلغور) mixed with spiced meat….Haleem حلیم (Halim) is popular dish in Iran, Arab countries around the Persian Gulf, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Haleem, hareesa, Jareesh, Keskeh or Arizah has different… Continue reading Harissa (Wheat Bulgar Porridge From South of Iran)

Bread, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Sheermal Naan Bread نان شیرمال

Sheermal/shirmal bread naan  is a traditional mildly sweet flatbread in Iran. Sheer means milk in Persian language,and because the dough is kneaded with milk instead of water , it’s called sheermal, means a bread made with milk. Sheermal bread is popular in Iran, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Semnan سمنان is located in South of foothills… Continue reading Sheermal Naan Bread نان شیرمال