Şekerpare Cookies شیرینی شکر پاره

Şekerpare شکر پاره , is a traditional, beloved and popular Turkish desert, which means "a piece of sweetness or sugar bits.Şekerpare is popular in Greece and Albania too. شکرپاره Şekerpare made with semolina flour, and plain flour. That’s why it has a crumbly and light texture and garnished with an almond, hazelnut or ground pistachios… Continue reading Şekerpare Cookies شیرینی شکر پاره


Sunflower Seeds Halva حلوای تخمه آفتابگردان

Halva/halwa is very common thing in the Middle East and yet not well known in many countries. Halva is a flour based sweet confection dish, tasty, delicious and you would love it. Halva might be a combination of flour (wheat flour, rice flour, corn starch, semolina) with different ingredients such as sesame paste, sunflower seeds… Continue reading Sunflower Seeds Halva حلوای تخمه آفتابگردان


Naan Khataaei نان خطایی

Naan khaataei نان خطایی یا نان خطائی is a kind of buttery cookies. According to wikipedia, Naan is a Persian word for bread and Khataaei is an Afghan word for biscuit. It is popular in India and Pakistan. In NE of Iran these biscuits are called kulcha khataaei کلوچه خطایی. Naan khataaei can be easily… Continue reading Naan Khataaei نان خطایی