Sausage spaghetti

This recipe is just fun  and super easy to prepare and combination of spices with pasta and sausages, oh my word, it is  tastyyyyyyyyyyyy.  And Just need few ingredients. Ingredients 2-3 hotdog sausages 40g Spaghetti pasta ½ tbsp curry spice Salt and flake chili to taste Olive oil Preparation Cut each sausage into 3 pieces. Break each single pasta… Continue reading Sausage spaghetti


Port sausage (Sosis Bandari)

 One of the most delicious and favourite fast foods or street foods in Iran is port sausage. This is a tasty sausage and potato dish from the South of Iran and it can be served as a sandwich too. We have many sandwich shops ساندویچ فروشی in Iran that serve delicious sandwiches. You can get… Continue reading Port sausage (Sosis Bandari)