No bake cookies with peanut butter

Sometimes no bake desserts will come handy in Summer season and warm weather. No need to heat up your kitchen by using the oven or gas stove. Ingredients 3 cups oat flour ¾ cup peanut butter pinch of salt ½ cup honey ¾ cup dark or white chocolate, melted 1 tsp vanilla extract How to… Continue reading No bake cookies with peanut butter


Crispy-Coloured Fried Onions (Persian Piaz Dagh)

Fried onions or as we say in Farsi (Piaz dahg پیاز داغ) is one of essential ingredients in Persian cuisine. We use fried onions a lot in stews, soup, aash, …… ]t’s easy peasy to make crispy crunchy fried onions (piaz dagh پیاز داغ ) at home and إyou know home made fried onions is… Continue reading Crispy-Coloured Fried Onions (Persian Piaz Dagh)

samosa, dumpling, Vegetarains

Herbs Samosa

This is a very simple but healthy and tasteful recipe for samosa سمبوسه..  For wrapping herbs, I  use a kind of  Iranian bread that is called ‘ Lavash bread similar to tortilla bread . Preparing this dish is very easy . Typical samosa has a triangle sahpe but at the same time, Samosa takes different… Continue reading Herbs Samosa


Dupiazeh Sibzamini

If you had a busy day and are not in mood to spend long time in the kitchen or do not know what to make, try this recipe. It’s very easy, hearty and extremely palatable dish. Dupiazehدوپیازه literally means ‘2 onions’ in Persian language. This dish is popular in cities such as Shriaz شیراز and… Continue reading Dupiazeh Sibzamini