Moist Almond Cake

There is nothing like a home made delectable cake for after dinner with cuppa tea or coffee. Moist Almond cake کیک خیس بادام is a simple cake that’s moist, tender and incredibly delicious with saffron flavour. Star of this recipe is alomnd, I mean ground almond. Almond is called badamبادام in Farsi. I'm sure this moutwatering and… Continue reading Moist Almond Cake


Traditional Iranian Saffron Ice-Cream (Bastani Sonnati Irani)

Iranian ice cream is one of the delicious- exotic and luxurious ice creams in the world. Using marvellous ingredients such as Saffron the most expensive and king of spices in the world with it’s gorgeous golden yellow colour and beautiful flavour, rose water with mild floral aroma, and loads of crushed pistachios, create an irresistible… Continue reading Traditional Iranian Saffron Ice-Cream (Bastani Sonnati Irani)


Orange Juice Rice کته پرتقالی

I do not know if you have heard about cooked rice with orange juice or not but I have heard and cooked . I promise it will be a big hit on your table. It has a wonderful flavour and everyone will keep saying how good it tastes. It is just so good. A combination… Continue reading Orange Juice Rice کته پرتقالی

Drinks and beverages

Saffron Tea چای زعفران

Saffron/ Zafaraan زعفران or Zarparaan زرپران is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Saffron is called king of spices and sunshine of spice not only due to it’s gorgeous colour and flavour but also it has lots of benefits for human body. Saffron boosts memory, it is an antidepressant, and good for… Continue reading Saffron Tea چای زعفران