Home Made Rock Candy نبات

In Iran we serve tea with sugar cubesor as we call it (Qand قند ) in Farsi , or with rock candy (Nabaat نبات). They are in different colours , flavor and size. So I decided to make them at home. However I thought it would be difficult or impossible but on the contrary, it… Continue reading Home Made Rock Candy نبات



Baslogh is a Persian walnut pastry, a soft starch made with corn starch, zafaran (Saffron), rose water and topped with walnuts. In my childhood we used to get long baslogh with kite string in layers about 30-60 cm and we children wore it like a necklace, bite and eat it 🙂 it was very fun… Continue reading Baslogh

Salad/pickles/ jams

Persian Dried Rose Petals Jam مربای گل سرخ

National flowers of Iran are: Rose- Tulip- Mediterranean Cypress and Louts. Among them, rose flowers are most popular and loving between Iranian and have such an especial place. Rose water which is called ‘ Golab’ In Farsi ( Persian) language, is a flavoured water made by steeping beautiful rose petals in water and during a… Continue reading Persian Dried Rose Petals Jam مربای گل سرخ

Desserts, Vegetarains

Persian Halva

Halva means ‘ sweet’ in Arabic language. Halva is a kind of sweet, dense and rich desserts, usually made with plain flour - wheat flour – rice and semolina flour but might be made with vegetables such as carrots or pumpkins as well, mixed with sugar, saffron, rose water, cardamom or cinnamon. This pleasant dessert… Continue reading Persian Halva

Desserts, Nowruz

Zaban Puff Pastry شیرینی زبان

One of my favourtie pastries is Zaban زبان . It is flaky, crusty, golden Iranian sweet pastry. Zaban means tongue in Farsi language. These pastries are brused with honey, garnished with crushed pistachios, sesame seeds or desiccated coconuts. Zaban pastry is popular in Iran. It is easy and simple to make at home and delicious… Continue reading Zaban Puff Pastry شیرینی زبان