Vegan Cheese, The Easiest Way to Make It at Home

I am not vegetarian or vegan but i do enjoy vegetarian/vegan dishes and that's why in my page you can find recipes for making vegetarian recipes too. Few days ago, I prepared 3 different types of vegan cheese with Soya milk, Cashew nuts and chickpea flour. So, if you are vegan or vegetarian, this post… Continue reading Vegan Cheese, The Easiest Way to Make It at Home

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Fried Milk شیر سرخ شده

Leche frita means fried milk a delicious Spanish dessert which is made of milk. Can you believe fried milk?? !!!! Since I have learned to make this dessert it is one of our favourites. Leche frita is a typical dessert in North of Spain. Basically it is made with milk and corn flour/flour until to… Continue reading Fried Milk شیر سرخ شده

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Paderazi Naan شیرینی پادرازی

Paderazi پادرازی is one of the traditional sweet cookies prepared for Iranian New Year (Nowruz). Paderazi naan is a special sweet originated in Gorgan a city in North of Iran, 30km away from the Caspian Sea. These traditional cookies are registered as a Cultural Heritage product in Iran. These cookies are made of a combination of… Continue reading Paderazi Naan شیرینی پادرازی


Lotus Flower Cookies

These beautiful cookies  that looks like precious stones are made of rice flour with plain flour. They look like  Persian Rosette cookies but actually  there are differences in the ingredients and the way you give dimension and shape to the cookies. Ingredients 400 g rice flour ¼ cup plain flour 1 cup sugar 5 eggs… Continue reading Lotus Flower Cookies

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Ramadan or as we say in Farsi, Ramazan رمضان is around the corner.. Ramazan is the Muslims holy month of fasting. Fasting during Ramadan means forgoing of all food or drink, from sunrise to sunset. It is recommended that before sunrise, Muslims eat a pre-fast meal known as Sahari سحری . This meal often resembles… Continue reading Fereni