Orange Juice Rice کته پرتقالی

I do not know if you have heard about cooked rice with orange juice or not but I have heard and cooked . I promise it will be a big hit on your table. It has a wonderful flavour and everyone will keep saying how good it tastes. It is just so good. A combination… Continue reading Orange Juice Rice کته پرتقالی

Rice, Vegetarains

Dill-Potato Rice (ََA Persian Vegetarian rice dish)

Dill rice is one of the traditional, delicious, flavoured and fragrant fluffy Persian rice dishes. Dill is called Shivid شوید in Farsi, This aromatic herb has a lovely flavour and aroma. There are different recipes for dill rice. Sometimes you can mix dill and Fava beans with rice and sometimes mix dill and potatoes with… Continue reading Dill-Potato Rice (ََA Persian Vegetarian rice dish)

Nowruz, Stew with polow

Iranian Minced Beef Qeema قیمه اردبیلی

It is very quick and easy recipe to prepare an authentic qeema/Keema from Ardebil. In Iran we have variety of qeema قیمه with diced or minced meat along with combination of other ingredients. This Ardebil qeema, is dry with no juice and still is so delicious and I am sure it will become a regular… Continue reading Iranian Minced Beef Qeema قیمه اردبیلی

Biryani, Rice

Hearty Chicken Pilau Biryani

Chicken pilaf/polow or pulao is one of the easy and tasty pilaf recipe. This is a mild spicy, warming, simple and colourful meal for a lazy weekend with family members . It is flavoured with spices, chicken, fresh coriander leaves, Chicken Pilaf 4 pieces of chicken breast or thigh2 cups rice, washed and soaked in… Continue reading Hearty Chicken Pilau Biryani

Biryani, Rice

Egg Biryani بریانی تخم مرغ

Biryaniبریانی is a kinda rice dish mixed with aromatic and gorgeous spices, red meat, prawn, fish, chicken or eggs. All of those biryani are really delicious. This dish is full of colourful and hot and mild spices and might be very spicy for some of you but no worries about it, and simply use less… Continue reading Egg Biryani بریانی تخم مرغ