Shirazi Rice Pilaf

Shiraz is an ancient city in SW of Iran. Shiraz is known as the city of literature, flowers, wine, gardens, nightingales and poets. This beautiful city is a one of the important tourism centres in Iran. With a short driving distance from Shiraz there are ruins of some of most spectacular ancient sites such as: ancient city of Persepolis, Tomb of Cyrus the Great in … Continue reading Shirazi Rice Pilaf

Raisins-Pistachio Baklava

For making this baklava no need to special technique. Super easy and quick will be ready. Ingredients Filo pastry Butter 4 tbsp chopped pistachio 4 tbsp raisins Ingredients for syrup 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 1 tsp Orange blossom or rose water ½ lemon or lime juice   Preparation Preheat the oven to 180C. Brush the small size muffin tin with melted butter and … Continue reading Raisins-Pistachio Baklava

Dried Fruits Biscuits (Biscotti)

These scrumptious biscuits are really good. I am sure kids and adults would love it. Recipe is flexible and you can choose your favourite dried fruits. They are just good, simple, healthy, tasty and beautiful. Ingredients 160g all purpose flour 110g butter, softened 100g sugar 50g nuts:pistachio or walnuts or almonds, chopped 2 eggs 1 ½ tsp baking powder grated zest of 1 lemon grated … Continue reading Dried Fruits Biscuits (Biscotti)

Azerbaijani Rice Pilaf with Milk ( Sutti Polow)

This is a traditional rice pilaf made in milk and serves with beautifully fried raisins and dates in butter, cinnamon and saffron. In some recipes you can serve rice either  with smoked fish, that is just yum or with raisins and dates.     Ingredients 2 cups rice 2 cups milk 1 ½ cups water 1 cup Dates 1 cup raisins 3tbsp butter 2tbsp vegetable … Continue reading Azerbaijani Rice Pilaf with Milk ( Sutti Polow)

Chocolate dipped Orange peel- dates and raisins

Anytime I make a dish, desert or jam with orange, it brings amazing beautiful bright coloعr and warm perfume into all kind of my recipes. Orange peel or fruit in sugar syrup is popular in Middle East. but they are not jam. Because It is crystallized fruit or a pieces of peel that are cooked and preserved in sugar syrup. Ingredients: 3 oranges 350 g … Continue reading Chocolate dipped Orange peel- dates and raisins

Rice with Dried Fruits ( Shirin Polo)

Shirin polow comes from Azerbaijani cuisine. In this dish, we have dried fruits such as dates, apricots and raisins. It has a gorgeous sweet savoury taste and however it is sweet but is not a dessert . Sweet rice ( shirin polow) is served on its own or served with beef or lamb. It is a simple dish but at the same time like a … Continue reading Rice with Dried Fruits ( Shirin Polo)