pasta/ spaghetti/ macaroni

My Homemade Gnocchi گنوکی

Home made gnocchi گنوکی / گنوچی/ نیوکی is very easy and quick. You just need a few ingredients and that’s it. Homemade Gnocchi 1 kg potatoes350 g plain flour1 egg yolksalt and pepper to taste wash potatoes and boil potatoes in salted water until soft and tender. Then, remove skins from the potatoes. Let them… Continue reading My Homemade Gnocchi گنوکی

Nations food

Potato Pakora

Aloo pakora is a delicious, quick and simple snack made with potatoes. Pakora پاکورا /tempura تمپورا or fritterفریتر are same name for deep fried vegetables that are coated with batter. The batter might be made with gram flour or mixture of gram flour with rice flour or plain flour and spices. They are best served… Continue reading Potato Pakora


Baking Potatoes on Hot Stones

Hi everyone. I am so excited about my following recipe. Obviously they are baked potatoes, but they are not cooked on hot coals or wood. I tell you what it was. It’s an amazing method to bake Campfire style potatoes in the kitchen, on the hot pebble stones on top of the stove in a… Continue reading Baking Potatoes on Hot Stones

kookoo/ frittata, Meat patty ( cutlet)

Iranian Potato Patties Sandwich

Iranian crispy potato patties, which is called Kookoo sibzamini کوکو سیب زمینی in Farsi, is a classic dish. First of all, I should give a brief description about what is kookoo کوکو. In cookbooks from Safavid Dynasty امپراطوری صفوی (about 400 years ago), mention kookoo. Kookoo/kuku کوکو is a popular Persian dish patty with eggs… Continue reading Iranian Potato Patties Sandwich


Fried Potatoes in Yogurt Batter

This is an easy pan fried potatoes recipe which is dipped in Greek yogurt batter with dried dill leaves and spices. I bet you would love it. Fried Potatoes in Yogur Batter 300 g potatoes, boiled and peeled off2 eggs3 tbsp Greek yogurt2 tbsp plain flour1 tbsp dried dill leaves½ tsp smoked paprikaSalt and pepper… Continue reading Fried Potatoes in Yogurt Batter