Salad/pickles/ jams, Yalad nigh

Autumn Persimmon- Pomegranate Salad

Persimmon خرمالو is one of my favourite Fall fruits. In Iran we have variety of Permissions with different local names. Some are squat with a flat base and round shape like tomato and some with four sides. Persimmon is called ‘ Khormalu خرمالو’ in Farsi language. Khormalu with gorgeous deep orange colour and sweet honey-like… Continue reading Autumn Persimmon- Pomegranate Salad

Rice, Yalad nigh

Pomegranate Rice انار پلو

Pomegranate rice انار پلو is one of the ceremonial meals for an especial night in Iranian calendar which is called Yalda night شب یلدا. Yalda ( on December 21) is one of traditional events in Iran which marks as longest and darkest night of the year. In other countries like: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan are… Continue reading Pomegranate Rice انار پلو

Omelettes/ eggs

Iranian Pomegranate Omelette

what a beautiful fruit pomegranate is. Everything in this fruit is perfect. Pomegranate is a round fruit, it has a red colour, thick and inedible leathery skin, with hundreds of those red juicy seeds looks like precious gem stone, ruby. The Pomegranate or as it is called in Farsi ‘Anaar انار ’ & and in… Continue reading Iranian Pomegranate Omelette

finger food, Vegetarains

My Yogurt Balls

Hi my dear page visitors. I am just in love with these yogurt balls. Aren’t they gorgeous? They look like jewels. Very healthy, light and tasty snacks. It is fantastic when you see how easy yogurt transform into these tasty balls. Once you made your yogurt balls , you may keep plain yogurt balls in… Continue reading My Yogurt Balls

Stew with polow

Fesenjan, Persian Pomegranate and Walnut Stew

This sensational dish, is one of the  traditional Persian stew or khoresh. Fesenjaan فسنجان was a ceremonial dish in ancient Iran in the era of the Sassanian empire (224-651 AD) as  new year meal. It is basically made with duck, chicken, turkey,beef or lamb meat. Sometimes made with meatballs as well. In some areas, It… Continue reading Fesenjan, Persian Pomegranate and Walnut Stew