How to make Persian Steamed Rice

Rice and bread are the staple foods of the Iranians. he ypical Iranian main dishes are combinations of plain rcie with stew, or rice mixed with veggies, herbs, fruits and nuts. There are also varieties of different rice dishes with vegetables and herbs which are sooooooooo scrumptious, inviting, mouthwaterng and yummmy. Please watch my videos in youtbe : they… Continue reading How to make Persian Steamed Rice

Rice, Yalad nigh

Pomegranate Rice انار پلو

Pomegranate rice انار پلو is one of the ceremonial meals for an especial night in Iranian calendar which is called Yalda night شب یلدا. Yalda ( on December 21) is one of traditional events in Iran which marks as longest and darkest night of the year. In other countries like: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan are… Continue reading Pomegranate Rice انار پلو


Rice with Dried Fruits شیرین پلو اردبیلی

Today I am going to introduce one of Iranian rice dishes. Iranian cuisine has dozens of types of rice/ pilaf/ پلو / pliov/polo dishes. In Iranian cuisine, rice is not sticky like Japanese style. Pilaf is usually served by it’s own or along with stew.The following recipe is called Shirin polow/sweet rice شیرین پلو which… Continue reading Rice with Dried Fruits شیرین پلو اردبیلی


Persian kebab kubideh with rice چلو کباب کوبیده

Kebabکباب is an absolute favourite, the most popular and delicious dish in Iran. In Iranian cuisine, there are different types of kebab with ground meat or diced meat and believe me guys, all are super tasty and you will bein love with kebab😍. Kebab is usually grilled over hot coals or in the oven if… Continue reading Persian kebab kubideh with rice چلو کباب کوبیده

Stew with polow

Persian eggplant stew with chicken

Eggplant ( aubergine) stew is a traditional and classic Persian dish. Eggplant is called bademjan in Farsi and stew is called khoresht.  So if you are eggplant lover , this stew is perfect for you. I love this dish. I can have this stew once a week without any complaining. Eggplant stew can be made… Continue reading Persian eggplant stew with chicken