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Meat pie

This type of beautiful and delicious stuffed fried bread is made in different countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanestn, Republic Azerbaijan, India, China, Korea and referred to by different names.   For example in Iran it’s called ‘ Kelane ‘ in Afghanestan is called ‘ Bolani, in India is called paratha, and yet , you… Continue reading Meat pie


Apple Roses پای سیب گل رز

These apple roses pastry are sweet, so pretty and crispy. They made with puff pastry. Just follow the instruction and create these beauties.. Ingredients 2-3 red apples 1 lemon 1 sheet puff pastry Honey or jam Powdered sugar Preparation Cut the apples in half, trim off the ends and remove core of apple. Cut each… Continue reading Apple Roses پای سیب گل رز