Stew with polow

Carrot- Prunes Stew خورش هویج تبریزی

One of classic stews from Iran is called carrot prunes stew that comes originally from Tabrizتبریز an ancient and famous city in NW of Iran. Carrot is called Havij هویج , and Prune is called Aloo آلو in Farsi language. This stew is a festival of colour, flavor and beauty. Combination of lamb meat, carrots,… Continue reading Carrot- Prunes Stew خورش هویج تبریزی

Soup/aash, Vegetarains

Spinach soup

What about  a healthy, filling and a light green soup for today!! Ingredients 200g spinach 1/2 cup brown lentils 1/2 cup barley 2 medium onions, peeled and finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped Parsley stalks Olive oil Salt - pepper to taste Preparation Heat the oil in a saucepan, add chopped… Continue reading Spinach soup


Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup آش ماست آذربایجانی

Today I made yogurt soup. Yogurt is called (Maast ماست ) in Farsi and Qatiq گاتق in Azerbaijani language. Perhaps it makes you curious or surprise to hear about it. But it is a very tasty soup made of plain yogurt along with variety of fresh herbs and legumes. It's a delectable yogurt based soup.… Continue reading Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup آش ماست آذربایجانی


Dupiazeh Sibzamini

If you had a busy day and are not in mood to spend long time in the kitchen or do not know what to make, try this recipe. It’s very easy, hearty and extremely palatable dish. Dupiazehدوپیازه literally means ‘2 onions’ in Persian language. This dish is popular in cities such as Shriaz شیراز and… Continue reading Dupiazeh Sibzamini

Omelettes/ eggs

Onion Omelette Muffins مافین املت پیاز

These egg muffins are so good, moist and delicious. Obviously you can make omelette in different way. For instance my mother used to fry sliced onions, mix with eggs and make a delicious fried onion omelette, wrap it by tortilla bread (lavash bread) and go on. I just tried same omelette recipe in muffin cups,… Continue reading Onion Omelette Muffins مافین املت پیاز