Crispy-Coloured Fried Onions (Persian Piaz Dagh)

Fried onions or as we say in Farsi (Piaz dahg پیاز داغ) is one of essential ingredients in Persian cuisine. We use fried onions a lot in stews, soup, aash, …… ]t’s easy peasy to make crispy crunchy fried onions (piaz dagh پیاز داغ ) at home and إyou know home made fried onions is… Continue reading Crispy-Coloured Fried Onions (Persian Piaz Dagh)

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Crispy Brown Onions

In Persian cuisine, onion has a special place and more or less in most of recipes we  use onions. Sometimes it is easier to prepare fried onions and keep them for the time you need. Crispy brown onions Ingredients 2 onions Plain flour Vegetable oil Methods Peel off onions. Cut top and bottom of onions.… Continue reading Crispy Brown Onions