Persian Kateh Rice کته

Kateh کته is a plain, simple, easy and quick rice that is popular in Iran. Kateh may be cooked in old fashioned way, I mean using a non-stick pot (like what I am doing in my following recipe) and cook the rice on stove top,  or use a electric rice cooker. Kateh is not as… Continue reading Persian Kateh Rice کته


Persian rice with sour cherries (Albaloo polo)

Sour cherry or Morello cherry is called ‘ Albaloo’ in Persian language. Iranian housewives make different things with albaloo such as: sour cherr juice, hot and cold drinks, jam and stew, cake and cookies. One of the Iranian famous rice dish is called Alballoo polo/pilaf which is made with sour cherries, spices and different meats such as:… Continue reading Persian rice with sour cherries (Albaloo polo)


King Rice/Shah Pilaf شاه پلو

Shah plov شاه پلو or crown rice تاج پلو is an Azerbaijani signature dish. There are different types of rice dish in Azerbaijani cuisine but this one is king of rice. This rice dish is known as : Khan rice خان پلو, shah rice شاه پلو or crown rice تاج پلو and is served in… Continue reading King Rice/Shah Pilaf شاه پلو

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Potato Rice کته سیب زمینی

This is a simple but fantastic rice dish recipe made with few ingredients rice and potaotes. It might be served as main course or as a side dish. This meal is vegetarian dish but it goes equally well with beef, lamb/ chicken. For making potato rice , good quality rice is a very important key.… Continue reading Potato Rice کته سیب زمینی


Jewelled Rice (Iranian Javaher Polow)

First of all may I ask you please please try this dish. You have no idea how much this rice dish is gorgeous. It is simply celebration of fragrance, and color with spices , dried fruits like raisins, barberries (tiny red berry), nuts such as pistachio and almond and orange peel and carrot. Jewelled rice… Continue reading Jewelled Rice (Iranian Javaher Polow)