Napoleon Cake کیک ناپلئونی

Napoleon cake is known worldwide with different names such as: Mille feuille, custard slices, napoleon. In Iran it is called Napoleoni ناپلئونی . It is one of most favourite cakes in Iran. This delicious pastry, is made by crispy layers of puff pastry with a rich cream filling and garnishing the top with powdered sugar,… Continue reading Napoleon Cake کیک ناپلئونی


Persian Dried Rose Petals Crepe (Qheyganakh Khagineh)

This lovely crepe is  one of the most traditional desserts in NW cities of Iran. Oh this beautiful dessert is not chocolate brownie. . Some people consider Qheyganakh as ‘crepe’ and some call it ‘sweet omelette’. But It is a simple but delightful dessert. Star of this dessert is ‘dried rose petals’. And do not worry,… Continue reading Persian Dried Rose Petals Crepe (Qheyganakh Khagineh)