My Crepe Recipe

For a lazy weekend breakfast or as a dessert, these gorgeous crepes are perfect. The following recipe is an easy recipe for making delicious crepes کرپ just in 5 minutes. In following recipe, You do not need to any rising agent like, yeast or baking powder among the ingredients. You just make a batter of… Continue reading My Crepe Recipe

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Dutch Baby

A beautiful, big , puff off pancake. You have no idea that with a few ingredients how much is easy to create such a giant and yummy pancake پنکیک for an impressive breakfast treat. We will need one of these cast iron skillet and a pair of gloves. Dtuch baby داچ بیبی is known as… Continue reading Dutch Baby

Side dish

Mouthwatering Potato Pancake With Cheese پنکیک سیب زمینی با پنیر

Hello foodie friends, and potato lovers. Potato is one of those vegetables that will always remain a staple part of any country's cuisine. Potato is called the ‘ earth apple ‘ by today’s Iranians. Potato Pancake with Cheese 3 large potatoes3 tbsp rice flour or corn flour3 tbsp Mozzarella cheese, gratedVegetable oil wash, peel and… Continue reading Mouthwatering Potato Pancake With Cheese پنکیک سیب زمینی با پنیر

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Meat pie

This type of beautiful and delicious stuffed fried bread is made in different countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanestn, Republic Azerbaijan, India, China, Korea and referred to by different names.   For example in Iran it’s called ‘ Kelane ‘ in Afghanestan is called ‘ Bolani, in India is called paratha, and yet , you… Continue reading Meat pie