Nowruz, Ramadan ( Ramazan), Rice, Vegetarains

Rice with Toasted Noodles (Reshteh Polow رشته پلو)

There are two main dishes  that are traditionally served in the evening of the Persian new year (Nowruz). One of them is Reshteh polow. This dish  is a combination of rice with a special kind of  smoked noodles. In Persian language noodles are called ' Reshteh' and rice dish is called 'Polow'. Therefore, name of… Continue reading Rice with Toasted Noodles (Reshteh Polow رشته پلو)

Butter-raisins donuts muffins, Desserts

Butter-raisins donuts muffins دونات مافین

These gorgeous donuts muffins not only have beautiful shape but also have a beautiful taste. they are very soft, buttery. They are cake type muffins and only with few ingredients, look what you can make at home. Once you try one of them, you can not stop. Ingredients  1 cup all-purpose flour ½ cup sugar… Continue reading Butter-raisins donuts muffins دونات مافین

Desserts, Gata bread 2

Gata Bread

A thick gorgeous, aromatic, golden outside, soft and sweet inside Armenian cake. Gata can be found in variety of size, shape, fillings and versions. In old times, gata was baked inside the tandoori oven but nowadays, gata is baked in the ovens. This cake is HEAVENLY DELICIOUS.  trust me,  if do not try this cake,… Continue reading Gata Bread

finger food

Cheese Balls

Any kind of cheese is always tasty and lovely  starter or snack. I have prepared  cheese balls made with feta cheese and cream cheese with different garnishing. You can use your favourite herbs/fruits for your cheese balls.   Ingredients 300 g feta cheese 3 Tbsp. cream cheese 2 Tbsp. dried rose petal leaves 2 Tbsp.… Continue reading Cheese Balls