Healthy Almond Cookies

In less than 30 minutes. Superrrrrrr easy, so delicioussssssssssss and good for weight loss!!! Almond Cookies 1 cup chopped almonds2 egg whites2 tbsp honey1 orange/lemon zest Heat the oven to 180C degree.In a bowl, add egg whites, honey and orange/lemon zest. Beat the egg whites by handuntil they foam. Add chopped almonds and mix again.Add… Continue reading Healthy Almond Cookies


How to Make Homemade Butter طرز تهیه کره خانگی

Butter made from milk of sheep, goat, cow, buffalo,...In old times, butter was luxury and used only in special occasions and events. Butter used for frying, sautéing and baking. It’s colour varies from deep yellow to pale yellow. Few days ago I prepared my own home made cheese and the result was FAN TAS TIC.… Continue reading How to Make Homemade Butter طرز تهیه کره خانگی


Oreo Truffles ترافل اوریو

These ore truffles are crazy tasty with a lovely texture: inside is cream cheese and outside is coated with melted white or dark chocolate and garnished with dried fruits or orange /lemon zest. Oh boy, It is very simple to prepare and is Soooooooo delicious. You just need Oreo cookies and cream cheese. Ingredients 24 … Continue reading Oreo Truffles ترافل اوریو

finger food

Deep fried Brie/ Camembert cheese

My family and I are cheese lovers. We do enjoy any type of cheese and in any recipe: in a sandwich, in a cake, in a stew or deep fried ones. All are just delicious. Ingredients for deep fried Brie and Camembert cheese Brie cheese Camembert cheese 4 eggs 2 slices of bread 1 orange… Continue reading Deep fried Brie/ Camembert cheese


Jewelled Rice (Iranian Javaher Polow)

First of all may I ask you please please try this dish. You have no idea how much this rice dish is gorgeous. It is simply celebration of fragrance, and color with spices , dried fruits like raisins, barberries (tiny red berry), nuts such as pistachio and almond and orange peel and carrot. Jewelled rice… Continue reading Jewelled Rice (Iranian Javaher Polow)