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Bread Omelette 2 املت نان

A very easy recipe for a lazy day to prepare with slices of bread and eggs. Just do not use bread in this omelette!! Why?? because, bread is inside the omelette 😄😄 Bread Omelette 2 املت نان— rozina dinaa (@DinaaRozina) March 15, 2020 Bread omelette Bread Omelette 3 eggs3 slices of bread1 medium… Continue reading Bread Omelette 2 املت نان

Omelettes/ eggs

Persian Tomato Omelette املت گوجه فرنگی

Tomato omelette or Omlet-e gojeh- farangi املت گوجه فرنگی as we say in Farsi, is one of the most delicious and at the same time simplest omelette ever. It is a perfect choice for a lazy weekend breakfast or a light dinner. Persian tomato omelette is similar to Shakshuka شاکشوکا which is made of poached… Continue reading Persian Tomato Omelette املت گوجه فرنگی


Chicken Omelette Pilaf چیغرتما پلو

This is Azerbaijani chicken omelette with rice, which is called Chighirtma pila چیغرتما پلو. Chigirtma is a mixture of eggs with chicken and caramelized onions. Chighirtma means screaming in Azerbaijani language. And do You know why this dish calls chighirtam? Because of the hissing or screaming sound of the meat while is frying in the… Continue reading Chicken Omelette Pilaf چیغرتما پلو

Omelettes/ eggs

Azerbaijani Pomegranate Omelette

what a beautiful fruit pomegranate is. Everything in this fruit is perfect. Pomegranate is a round fruit, it has a red colour, thick and inedible leathery skin, with hundreds of those red juicy seeds looks like precious gem stone, ruby. The Pomegranate or as it is called in Farsi ‘Anaar انار ’ & and in… Continue reading Azerbaijani Pomegranate Omelette

Omelettes/ eggs

Coloured Fried Eggs نیمرو رنگی

You can use food colouring or natural dyes like beetroot /red cabbage make a lovely red or purple colour, carrot make a beautiful orange colour, spinach makes green and make surprise your friends and family members with this gorgeous and colourful fried eggs. Ingredients 2 eggs 2 tbsp beetroot or red cabbage juice few drops… Continue reading Coloured Fried Eggs نیمرو رنگی