Omelettes/ eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs in Cups تخم مرغ آبپز فنجانی

I love having soft or hard boil eggs for breakfast. Usually boiled eggs are eggs from chicken but duck or quail eggs also are tasty. These eggs cooked with their shells in the boiling water and you can have hard boiled eggs with cooked egg white and egg yolk or soft boiled egg which leave… Continue reading Hard Boiled Eggs in Cups تخم مرغ آبپز فنجانی


Blueberry muffins

Perfect blueberry muffins with crunchy tops. Ingredients 200g plain flour 150g white sugar ½ tsp salt 1 egg 2 tsp baking powder 75ml. Oil 75ml. Milk 300g blueberry Ingredients for topping 100g white sugar 50g plain flour 50g unsalted butter ½ tsp cinnamon powder How to make it Preheat oven to the 200C. In a… Continue reading Blueberry muffins

Desserts, Vegetarains

Halva Semolina

Halva is one of the classic and traditional sweet and dense dish/dessert. Halva means sweet and made in Iran, countries around the Persian gulf and many other countries. It’s easy to make and taste  is delicious. Halva makes it’s presence in special occasions. In my today post I have used semolina instead  of flour.  … Continue reading Halva Semolina