Mutekke Cookies(شیرینی متکا)

Mutekke or Cigarette  cookies are  traditional Azerbaijani cookies. Mutekke which is called bolster in English language is a long and narrow pillow filled with cotton or feather. By the way I have attached some photos of Mutekke in following photos. So name of this cookie come from their shape which resembles a traditional tube-shaped pillow which in old times of Iran, we used to use … Continue reading Mutekke Cookies(شیرینی متکا)


In summer time smoothies are great solution. You can make tens of smoothies with all fruits that you like and treat yourself and family members and friends with beautiful and scrumptious smoothies. Ingredients 2 ripe bananas 3 large slices of melons 2 cups mixed frozen fruits Vanilla yogurt Milk Honey Nuts: almonds – walnuts or pistachio Instructions Peel and slice bananas and set aside. Cut … Continue reading Smoothies

Yalda Night

Yalda night  or what we say in Persian language ‘ Shab-e Yalda (21th of December) is Iranian celebration of winter solstice. Yalda night is  one of the  traditional events in Iran which marks as longest and darkest night of the year.   In this special night, family members and friends gather together for dinner and it lasts until midnight. During the night we celebrate with … Continue reading Yalda Night

Nuts-raisins baklava

Baklava is a rich delicious dessert and popular in many countries. For the syrup you might add rose water or orange blossom with cinnamon and cardamom, or just simply make the syrup with sugar and water without any flavour or adds in. Most famous Iranain baklava originally comes from Tabriz, Yazd and Qazvin. Apart from rose water or orange blossom water, |in Gilan province, that … Continue reading Nuts-raisins baklava