Chickpea Pilaf نخود پلو با مرغ

Rice dish or as we say ‘ berenj’ in Farsi language, is a stable dish in Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Greece and …… In Iran, there are 100’s of Pilaf/pilav, pilau, polow, پلو recipes such as Upside down rice, cabbage rice, chickpea rice, lentils rice, rice with noodles, spiced rice, jewelled rice, shirin polow ( rice with dried fruits) , and ……In following photos … Continue reading Chickpea Pilaf نخود پلو با مرغ

Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup

Today I made yogurt soup. Yes yogurt soup!!!. Perhaps it makes you curious or surprise to hear about it. But it is a very tasty soup made of Greek yogurt along with variety of fresh herbs and cereals. I have to mention this yogurt soup is different from other famous yogurt soup which is called Ayran ashi, and is popular in Iran, Turkey, and Republic … Continue reading Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup

Chickpeas Rice

This meal is easy/fast to make and amazingly tasty. Ingredients 2 cups rice 2 cups chickpeas 1 large onion, chopped and diced 300 g canned tomato (chopped) 1 tbsp. Spices includes (cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, clove, rose petal , ginger powder) ½ tsp turmeric Salt – pepper Oil (Ghee – butter or Olive oil) Preparation Boil and cook rice and chickpeas separately and Set aside. … Continue reading Chickpeas Rice