ّFocaccia Bread

When I am baking bread, everything is good , especially with this one. Just look at it. It looks like a painted picture. A beautiful and DELICIOUS FOCACCIA BREAD, with lots of colour, and flavours. I just can tell, combination of all these herbs and vegetables with bread, created a gorgeous bread. It starts as… Continue reading ّFocaccia Bread

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Easy Homemade Ciabatta Bread طرز تهیه نان بولکی

Ciabatta چیباتا/چاباتا is an Italian white and light bread with a crispy outside and soft on the inside. Ciabatta bread for Italians is like baguettes bread for French. For making Ciabatta, no need to egg/s, no need to knead and no need to any mixer. Actually with a very easy recipe and simple ingredients and using… Continue reading Easy Homemade Ciabatta Bread طرز تهیه نان بولکی


Country Bread

In my family we do love any kind of breads and cheeses. Persian bread such as flat breads or Indian breads, French or German breads. All are so beautiful.Today, I baked my country bread, a kind of no kneed bread. This delicious and beautiful bread with crunchy outside and soft inside is pretty easy to… Continue reading Country Bread