Flat Bread نان تافتون

Flat bread in Iran is one of most popular breads. However, nowadays, flat breads are cooked in many countries with different names such as : Tortilla, Chapatis, Taftun, Lavash. Traditionally breads are baked inside the tandoor oven. Tandoor or Tanour or Tanir is a clay made pot for baking and cooking.the heat source or fuel… Continue reading Flat Bread نان تافتون


Kutab (An Azerbaijani Stuffed Flat Bread Naan)

Qutab naan bread نان قطاب or Kutab نان کوتاب is an Azerbaijani gorgeous and very thin flat bread (naan) which is typically filled with ground meat and onions or green herbs such as mixture of spinach, dill, coriander, … spices and feta cheese. This bread is different from Qottab/Ghottab pastry شیرینی قطاب Kutab comes with… Continue reading Kutab (An Azerbaijani Stuffed Flat Bread Naan)


Zucchin Naan Bread

Naan / noon /nan نان is a Persian word and means bread. Naan is a kind of flat bread found in the Iranian cuisine, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Indian and Middle East countries. Naan being freshly prepared in tandoor and we can get fresh beautiful naan for breakfast, lunch and dinner from bakery everyday. There are loads… Continue reading Zucchin Naan Bread

Bread, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Kelane Naan Bread

Kelane کلانه is a traditional Kurdish stuffed fried flat bread نان کردی. A very delicious thin bread. This bread is made in different countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanestn, Republic Azerbaijan. and referred to by different names. For example in Iran it’s called ‘ Kelane  ‘ in Afghanestan is called ‘ Bolani  ‘ . Traditionally… Continue reading Kelane Naan Bread


Pan Fried Faltbread نان تابه ای

Naan نان is a leavened flat bread which is very important part of cuisines in the Middle East. In Iran, naan is a staple food in Iranian cuisine. We have different types of bread (Naan) which in my previous posts I have shared several recipes for Iranian naan (flatbread). Yesterday I baked these beautiful and… Continue reading Pan Fried Faltbread نان تابه ای