Lavash Bread

Are you tired of toast bread?? are you interested to try one of the easiest flat bread in the world at home?? Then, you’re gonna love the following recipe. In Iran we have different types of breads such as Naan Lavash نان لواش, Naan Taftunنان تافتون, Naan Sangak نان سنگک, and  Naan Barbari نان بربری. All traditional bakeries… Continue reading Lavash Bread


Eggplant Burrito

I love eggplants and we all know, there are so many recipes with eggplant that can convert any dish into a mouth-watering meal Eggplant or aubergine is called Bademjan بادمجان in Farsi language. There are loads of recipes in Iranian cuisine with eggplant. Today, I am going to make eggplant sandwiches / burritos with two… Continue reading Eggplant Burrito


Iranian Naan Fateer

Fatir/fateer فطیر or kiloocheh کلوچه are souvenirs from various cities and towns of Iran. Some of famous places in Iran, that are well known for baking Fateer are: Shirazشیراز,Hastrud هشترود, Tabrizتبریر, Ardebil اردبیل, Semnanسمنان, Arak اراک, Fomanفومن, khozestan خوزستان, and lahejan لاهیجان. Fateer is a stuffed pastry, a kind of sweet naan bread. Today, I… Continue reading Iranian Naan Fateer


Naan Barbari

In Iran we have different types of breads such as Naan Lavash نان لواش, Naan Taftunنان تافتون, Naan Sangak نان سنگک, and last but not least, Naan Barbari نان بربری, Naan نان/noon نون/nan means bread in Farsi language. All traditional bakeries in Iran, are baking naan bread in tandoor oven تنور three times a day… Continue reading Naan Barbari


Tabrizi Ginger Bread

Tabrizتبریز is located in NW of Iran. A beautiful, ancient and historical city with beautiful mountains, landscapes, and rich cultural places like: mosques such as Blue mosque مسجد کبود with gorgeous blue tiles, that was constructed in 1465 with long history and story, and Jameh mosque مسجد جامع, Grand Bazaar بازار بزرگ, Churches کلیسا such… Continue reading Tabrizi Ginger Bread