Naan Barbari نان بربری

In Iran we have different types of bread. s such as Naan Lavash, Naan Taftun, Naan Sangak, and last but not least, Naan Barbari, Naan/noon/nan means bread in Farsi language. All traditional bakeries in Iran, are baking naan bread in tandoor oven/stone oven تنور three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner time. In… Continue reading Naan Barbari نان بربری


Tabrizi Ginger Bread نان زنجبیلی تبریز

Tabriz is located in NW of Iran. A beautiful, ancient and historical city with beautiful mountains, landscapes, and rich cultural places like: mosques such as Blue mosque مسجد کبود with gorgeous blue tiles, that was constructed in 1465 with long history and story, and Jameh mosque مسجد جامع, Grand Bazaar, Churches such as St. Stephanos… Continue reading Tabrizi Ginger Bread نان زنجبیلی تبریز


Bolani Naan Bread نان بولانی

Kelane is a traditional Kurdish stuffed fried flat bread. A very delicious thin bread. This bread is made in different countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanestn, Republic Azerbaijan. and referred to by different names. For example in Iran it’s called ‘ Kelane کلانه ‘ in Afghanestan is called ‘ Bolani بولانی ‘ . I have… Continue reading Bolani Naan Bread نان بولانی