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Persian Dovga Soup آش دوغ اصیل اردبیل

Today I made Aash-e doogh آش دوغ (dovga aashi دوگا آشی). Maybe you ask what is Aash آش?? In Iranian cuisine there are two kinds of soup or liquid food. Aash آش is a thick soup and exactly like soup made with variation of vegetables, or noodles,, stocks and spices.But on the contrary soup سوپ… Continue reading Persian Dovga Soup آش دوغ اصیل اردبیل

Halloween, Salad/pickles/ jams

Couscous Vegetable Farm

A crazy couscous salad for Halloween. By the way i shared my this recipes for a competition in Cookpad UK and I  was winner of the Cookpad UK , Halloween contest 2018. Ingredients 1 sachet couscous 2 beetroots, cooked 2-3 fresh or pickled onions 2 fresh mint leaves 3-4 cherry tomatoes 1 tbsp Olive oil… Continue reading Couscous Vegetable Farm


Persian Stuffed Zucchini (Dolmeh Kadoo دلمه کدو سبز)

Dolama or dolmeh دلمه is a tasty dish found in Iranian cuisine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, Arabic countries and Central Asia. The word dolma is a Turkish word and means to fill.  Dolma is the Persian version of stuffed vegetables. You can use eggplant, zucchini, onion, or tomato and stuff with either ground beef or turkey and… Continue reading Persian Stuffed Zucchini (Dolmeh Kadoo دلمه کدو سبز)

Kebab, Vegetarains

Vegetarian kebab کباب گیاهی

This is one of the  tastiest vegetarian kebabs which is made with bread and vegetabls. It is simple but super tasty and easy to make it, with crispy texture, golden outside and fulllllllllllll of flavour. You may serve it with yogurt, sweet chilli sauce, any kind of chutney or ketchup. Ingredients 5 slices of fresh… Continue reading Vegetarian kebab کباب گیاهی


Uch Baji Dolmasi اوچ باجی دولماسی

ّIn Iran there are different types of dolma/dolmeh دلمه. Dolma is an Azeri word and in cooking culture means stuffed or filled. There are many forms of dolma including: stuffed grape leaves, stuffed eggplant( aubergine), zucchini, tomato, bell pepper, onion, potato, cabbage leaves. This dolma is called Uch baji. Uch means three and baji means… Continue reading Uch Baji Dolmasi اوچ باجی دولماسی