How to Make Home-made Yogurt طرز تهیه ماست خانگی

Yogurt/yoghurt is fermented milk and is called ‘ Must ماست‘ in Farsi language. Yogurt is rich in protein and minerals such as calcium and potassium. You can make a creamy, thick and tangy yogurt at home without machine or any tools. Yes it is super easy and fun to make your own yogurt at home.… Continue reading How to Make Home-made Yogurt طرز تهیه ماست خانگی


My Deadly Chocolate Cake (کیک شکلاتی)

If you are chocolate cake lover, anything you want from a chocolate cake is right here: Most dangerous, most wanted, most delicious cake. The texture is soft, gooey, moist and rich. I am sharing my chocolate cake recipe :). You can make just one layer cake or bake layered cake. Ingredients 80g plain flour 150g… Continue reading My Deadly Chocolate Cake (کیک شکلاتی)

Drinks and beverages

Green tea milk

It’s a simple but delicious and creamy drink, a combination of Matcha or green tea with milk and chocolate. Green tea does have wonderful effects on the body with loads of wonderful benefits. Ingredients 30 g green tea 50 ml water 40 g sugar 130 g white chocolate, chopped  800 ml milk   How to… Continue reading Green tea milk

Drinks and beverages

Tasty chocolate milk

This chocolate milk is a rich and full of chocolate flavor. Everyone will love this tasty treat. Ingredients 800ml milk 50ml water 130g dark chocolate, grated 18g cocoa powder 40 g white sugar   How to make it?? In a saucepan add water, cocoa powder and sugar .Place over a medium heat and bring it… Continue reading Tasty chocolate milk


Homemade Country Cheese طرز تهیه پنیر خانگی

I love my country style home made cheese. It’s elegant, tasty and very easy to make. Most importantly, I enjoy it a lot. You can have plain cheese or add some fresh or dried herbs such as chives, mint, basil, oregano or nuts such as walnuts. It’s your choice. All you need is just two… Continue reading Homemade Country Cheese طرز تهیه پنیر خانگی