Shirazi Rice Pilaf

Shiraz is an ancient city in SW of Iran. Shiraz is known as the city of literature, flowers, wine, gardens, nightingales and poets. This beautiful city is a one of the important tourism centres in Iran. With a short driving distance from Shiraz there are ruins of some of most spectacular ancient sites such as: ancient city of Persepolis, Tomb of Cyrus the Great in … Continue reading Shirazi Rice Pilaf

Persian style meatballs spaghetti

Dear friends, please do not forget this is a Persian style spaghetti so do not surprise if the method of preparation is a little bit different because In Iran we  cook pasta like cook the  rice. It means first simmer spaghetti in boiling water and then steamed. So we treat pasta like rice, it means in the process of cooking, we cover bottom of the pot with … Continue reading Persian style meatballs spaghetti

Stuffed Meat Balls With Quail Eggs

Meatballs are always popular and favourite dish. Today i made stuffed meat balls with quail eggs and Tahini sauce. Ingredients for meat balls 250g ground beef 2 large potatoes 1 egg 2 tomatoes quial eggs 1 clove of garlic 2 tbs dried parsley 1 tsp dried mint 1 tsp cumin Bread crumbs Salt – sweet chili ‌Butter   Ingredients for sauce 2 tbsp Tahini sauce 1 … Continue reading Stuffed Meat Balls With Quail Eggs

Persian Pomegranate Aash/Soup (Aash-e Anaar)

Ash-e anaar or Annar ashi ( Pomegranate soup) is a tasty and hearty soup. Star of this dish is gorgeous pomegranate seeds and it’s juice. It’s a soup with meat balls, fresh herbs such as mint, coriander,… and aromatic spices like cinnamon and earthy turmeric. Pomegranate soup is just perfect dish for a cold day.   Persian pomegranate soup 200 g ground meat ( beef … Continue reading Persian Pomegranate Aash/Soup (Aash-e Anaar)

Persian Pomegranate Rice with Pistachio and Raisins

This rice dish is one of recipes for especial night in Iranian calendar which is called Yalda night. Yalda ( on December 21) is one of traditional events in Iran which marks as longest and darkest night of the year. In other countries like: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan are also celebrating Yalda night. Every year, on December 21, Iranians around the world celebrate the arrival … Continue reading Persian Pomegranate Rice with Pistachio and Raisins

Sumac-Beetroot Rice with Meatballs

Sumac is a beautiful colourful spice that is popular and widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine.. Please do not confuse this sumac with poison sumac that cause skin rash. in different ways. Sumac has a reddish-purple colour with salty-lemony taste. it’s used in different ways such as, in cooking by adding to salad, rice, stew, topping kebab and soup. Sumac has medicinal use and dyeing … Continue reading Sumac-Beetroot Rice with Meatballs

Yetimcheh (Little Orphan)

This food is one of traditional meals in Iran, and from region to other region, recipe is different but all called ‘ Yetimche’ or little orphan. Because in original recipe there was no meat in ingredients but nowadays in some recipes it has meat. It is very colourful and yummy. It serves with flat bread. Ingredients 200 g ground beef/lamb 3 tomato, chopped 3 large … Continue reading Yetimcheh (Little Orphan)

Kufteh Bozbash

This recipe is for a kind of Azerbaijani kufteh or stuffed meatballs. The word kufteh is derived from Persian word ‘ Koftan’ which literally mean ( to pound). Main ingredient for making kufteh is meat: beef/ lamb or combination of both. Other ingredient is aromatic herbs, which could be dried or fresh chopped. Herbs such as mint, basil, tarragon. Each meatball depends on its size … Continue reading Kufteh Bozbash