Three Tasty-Easy Recipes for Leftover Rice

There are two things that are staple foods in the Iranian cuisine: rice and bread. They eat rice with different kinds of meat stews or vegetable dishes. In North of Iran, near the Caspian Sea, there are beautiful rice fields which are widely famous for cultivation of different kinds of Persian rice. You can make 10s of gorgeous dishes with white/brown or wild rice. You … Continue reading Three Tasty-Easy Recipes for Leftover Rice

Spicy Lentil Flatbread

This flat lentil bread recipe is sooooo good and delicious. There are different kinds of lentils: red or orange, brown, green, yellow. I made my lentil bread with red ones. You can find all of them in your local super markets and Middle East grocery stores. There are used different names in different languages for lentils, for example in Persian and Arabic it’s called ‘ … Continue reading Spicy Lentil Flatbread

Persian rice with lentils ( Adas polo)

lentil rice or Adas polo is one of  the most delicious rice dishes in Iran. It is a traditional-ceremonial dish.Lentil is called ‘ Adas ‘ in Farsi. Lentil rice can be served with fried dates and raisins or with  fried ground meat ( beef/lamb). Lentil is a good source of Iron and vitamins. You can serve dates and raisins within the layers of rice or … Continue reading Persian rice with lentils ( Adas polo)