A Quick-Easy Home made Butterتهیه کره خانگی فوری

In one of my earlier recipes, I shared home made butter in different flavours, which is made with cream.Click here But today, I would like to share a wonderful recipe for making a quick home made butter from butter itself. ‌Butter is called: Kare کره in Farsi. Yes it is very convenient recipe and you… Continue reading A Quick-Easy Home made Butterتهیه کره خانگی فوری


My Delicious Lemon Cake

This loaf cake with lemon flavour, is delicious, quick, light, fluffy, and pretty simple to make. You will fall in love with this cake. Lemon Cake 170 g self raising flour170 g white sugar170 g unsalted butter3 eggs1 tsp baking powder2 lemon zestIngredients for drizzle150 g icing sugar2 lemon juice Preheat the oven to 180C… Continue reading My Delicious Lemon Cake


Healthy Almond Cookies

In less than 30 minutes. Superrrrrrr easy, so delicioussssssssssss and good for weight loss!!! Almond Cookies 1 cup chopped almonds2 egg whites2 tbsp honey1 orange/lemon zest Heat the oven to 180C degree.In a bowl, add egg whites, honey and orange/lemon zest. Beat the egg whites by handuntil they foam. Add chopped almonds and mix again.Add… Continue reading Healthy Almond Cookies


Lemon Curdکرم لیمو

I love lemon and orange curd, but I had no idea making lemon curd would be super easy. So this beautiful , silky silky lemon curd with colour of the sun is result of my today’s cooking. It’s . Lovely with toasted bread or scone, or used for cakes and tart. Ingredients 110 ml lemon… Continue reading Lemon Curdکرم لیمو