kookoo/ frittata

Meat patties with Yellow Split Peas شامی لپه

Shami شامی is a kind of Persian meat patty. . For making shami, you have choice of different meat (beef - lamb- veal). Shami is made of yellow split peas (Lapeh لپه ) with ground beef/lamb and spices . Shami, might be served cold or warm with flat naan bread or steamed rice. Both are… Continue reading Meat patties with Yellow Split Peas شامی لپه


Azari Abgoosht-e Morgh

Abgoosht is one of most traditional-popular Iranian foods. Abgoosht or Dizi ia one pot comfort meal. It’s not party dish. It is just cozy, easy and simple with satisfying taste food for a cold night in the winter. Abgoosht means ‘ meat broth’. It might be prepared with lamb or beef and sometimes with chicken… Continue reading Azari Abgoosht-e Morgh